Choreography & Stage Design: Luca Veggetti
Original Music & Sound Design: Paolo Aralla
Text Adaptation and Dramaturgy: Luca Scarlini
Costume Design: Luca Veggetti & Benjamin Briones
Lighting: Roderick Murray

Flutes: Erin Lesser
Puppeteer: Candice Burridge
Voice: Eva-Maria Kuhrau
Dancers: Sarah Atkins, Christopher Bordenave, Frances Chiaverini, Brandon Cournay, Adrian Danchig-Waring, Brittany Fridenstine, Gabrielle Lamb, Willy Laury, Morgan Lugo, Emma Pfaeffle, Yusha-Marie Sorzano

World Premiere: October 25, 2011, The Joyce Theater, New York
Bacchae was commissioned by Morphoses

Morphoses' 2011 resident artistic director was noted choreographer and stage director, Luca Veggetti. Under his artistic direction Morphoses produced its first evening-length production, Bacchae, which premiered during the company's debut season at The Joyce Theater, October 25-30, 2011.

Morphoses commissioned Veggetti to bring to life his long-held vision of a multi-disciplinary, dance-based staging of Euripides' Greek tragedy, The Bacchae. The classic tale fuses themes of familial crisis and thirst for revenge to delve into the relationships between god, man, society, and theater itself.

Veggetti's Bacchae is a projection of Euripides' universe and worldview, and the choreographer called on a number of outstanding artists to bring his vision of this endlessly fascinating story to life in a contemporary setting.  Working especially close with Veggetti was award winning Italian composer Paolo Aralla, who created a score that is on the cutting edge of contemporary music. In it, Aralla weaves together electronics and three flutes (played in performance by renowned musician Erin Lesser) and music generated by a simple platform that serves as a both a focal point of the choreography and a musical instrument capturing and translating the dancers' movements into the sounds of the score.

Building on the traditional integration of dance and theater in Greek tragedy (particularly as dance is inherently part of the plot of The Bacchae), Luca Veggetti places a cast of eleven Morphoses dancers in a compelling environment shaped by dynamic light (by Roderick Murray) and elegant black silk.

Excerpts of Bacchae can be seen on Morphoses' YouTube Channel, MorphosesConnects.

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