Morphoses' mission is to revitalize the artform of dance by fostering cutting-edge artistry and collaboration among various media to present theatrical experiences that challenges assumptions and moves ballet forward into the 21st century. Because we believe in the transformative nature of dance, and therefore exist to continually contribute to growth in the artform, our primary objectives are to execute an operational model that is a nimble infrastructure capable of supporting the unique artistic vision brought to us by each year's Resident Artistic Director and to build an audience for dance by presenting a multi-media experience that bridges the gap between our artists and our audience.

This year marks an exciting time of transition for Morphoses. In September 2012, Director and Co-Founder, Lourdes Lopez, commenced her role as Artistic Director of Miami City Ballet. Lourdes has expressed her intention to continue the artistic vision of Morphoses, and the trustees of both organizations intend to explore how Morphoses and Miami City Ballet can collaborate. True to its name, Morphoses will embark on a new stage of its life as the Company moves to Miami for this partnership to take shape.

The driving force behind all that we do at Morphoses is a commitment to honor the artform beyond expectations, beyond preconceptions, and beyond limits.

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